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Mission Models Paints

 Through extensive testing, research and development we are offering the best paint available to the scale modeler and graphic artist. Our paints are triple-pigmented for maximum opacity, light-fast an will not fade over time. Although our paints are ready to use straight from the bottle, we highly recommend reducing with our Mission Models Thinner, which is available in both 2 and 4 oz bottles, an is designed specially to use with MMP product line


Complete MMP Line 1            Chrome Brass and Gold            Thinners Additives
 Clear Coats    Primers 1    Primary Colours 1
 Metallic Colours 1          Gaming          Colour Change
 Pearls        Iridescents        Weathering
 Heavy Equipment    Modern Armor    Allied Armor USA
 British Aircraft WWII    British Armor WWII 1    German Aircraft WWII
 German Armor WWII    Japanese Aircraft WWII IJN    Russian Aircraft Modern WWII
 Russian Armor WWII    US Aircraft Modern WWII    US Navy Ships
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Mission Models Paints