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How to use Mission Models Primers

We offer five essential primer colors.  Our primer is smooth and durable. No sanding needed.   Will not hide the finest of details.   Please note you must use our thinner with our primers.  No substitutions.   MMP thinner activates MMP primer.   There are no tricks.  Just mix the thinner MMP Primer and spray.   MMP thinner is very powerful which means minimal thinner is needed. If the Primer is translucent when spraying you have over thinned.  MMP Primer may look a bit thicker than normal.  That is OK!  

Apply directly to plastic, resin metal and most substrate. Water-based paints may be applied over Mission Models Primer 30 minutes after application. If applying a solvent-based paint, allow 48 hours dry time unless wiped with degreaser, or sanded prior to painting application.

This Product must be thinned with MMP Thinner only (approx. 25% per volume) for primer to cure properly.

Apply 2 - 3 light coats. Allow each coat to dry before applying next coat. Ultra-low V.O.C complaint sealer-primer, and wear a NIOSH / MSHA approved respirator before spraying.



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