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 Iwata NEO BCN

Iwata Neo BCN

NEO BCN Siphon Feed Dual Action Airbrush is a great choice for genereal spray projects and those who will be using larger amounts of spray medium. One of the benefits of siphon feed airbrushes is that you can purchase additional bottles and prefill them with your favorite colors. This allows you to achieve quick color changes. NEO BCN comes with one 1 oz / 30 ml bottle. Additional bottles sold separately. 

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Iwata High Preformance HP-C

Iwata High Preformance HP C Plus

Offering total control for fine detail spraying, Iwata's High Performance Plus Series airbrushes are designed around the legendary Iwata HP Series which established the Iwata name in the creative community over 50 years ago.  Iwata High Performance HP-C Plus has a generous 0.24 oz / 7 ml fluid cup that is ideal for color mixing. 

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Iwata Airbrush Cleaning Pot

CL300 5

Iwata's Cleaning Station eliminates over-spray when you’re cleaning your airbrush and has replaceable filters. However, this new and improved model is packed with helpful new features! The new airbrush holder is truly an innovation. The specially designed airbrush hangers are not only universal to hold all styles of airbrush (gravity, siphon, side-feed, trigger-style), but they will hold your airbrushes securely so they cannot be accidentally yanked from the holder.

Excellent for indoor applications where you need to keep your work area clean.

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Sparmax 3 Meter Airbrush Braided Hose

Sparmax 3mtr hose

 Sparmax braided 3mtr hoses fit all Sparmax airbrushes and studio compressors, the larger attachment end is a 1/4" bsb that is a world standard compressor fitting and will also fit larger 1/4" male automotive compressor outputs alike, the smaller end of the hose is 1/8" which attaches to Sparmax airbrushes.

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Sparmax Aibrush Bleed Valve

Sparmax Airbrush Bleed Valve

A practical solution to controlling your required air pressure, releasing excess air before it reaches the airbrush.
Adjust the air pressure to your desired amount using the control knob.
Numbers shown on knob are guidelines for setting airflow.
To be placed between the airbrush and hose, threads are 1/8" which fits Sparmax & Iwata airbrushes / hoses and accessories

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Sparmax Airbrush Disconnect Set Male & Female

Sparmax Airbrush Disconnect Set Male Female

Sparmax disconnect set is a quick coupling release set to Sparmax airbrushes & Sparmax hoses. Detach the airbrush for storage or purchase extra male fittings to have multiple airbrushes set up ready to plug and paint for super fast colour changes.Professional and swift. Given the threads are 1/8" this item fits Sparmax Airbrushes and Iwata Airbrushes and associated accessories that are 1/8" from both lines.

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Misson Models Paints & Thinner/Reducer + Polymix 

 Untitled design 61

Mission Models Paints is airbrush ready. By nature all paint may vary in consistency based on pigment. You may find some paints to be slightly thicker than others which are natural properties of paint. We do not add any additional additives to our paints which results in no shelf life , hard settles or breakdown.

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2oz Acrylic Thinner / Reducer. 

Our high grade acrylic thinner is a very powerful formula. When mixing your paint we recommend a ratio of 20-30% to 1or in other words  2 to 3 drops to 10 drops of paint. Same ratio for our Primer. These are the ideal ratios for perfect results. Over thinning will cause more transparency in the paint. Once you mix paint to our recommended ratio you can then further mix to suit your needs. Our thinner is also your airbrush cleaner. 

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2oz Polyurethane Mix Additive

Add just a couple drops of the Polyurethane to your thinned paint.  Just one or two drops is all you need. The Poly greatly increases flow from your airbrush on top of the already amazing flow and leveling of the paint. The results are further leveling , durability , increased sanding capabilities and will also add a very light eggshell finish. When spraying straight from the bottle with out thinning your paint add one or 2 drops and adjust your PSI accordingly. You can pull ultra fine lines.   Figure painters add a drop for slower blending. Adding too much polyurethane  will cause the paint to dry much slower. Do not add Poly to the Mission Models Primer. Remember less is more. 

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