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Bomber Kit
Anest Iwata + Sparmax Airbrush Bomber Kit
Don't let these get away, only 9 Kits available!
Each kit will have qty 1 of each of the following items supplied with it:
1 x Sparmax Arism Compressor
1 x Sparmax DH3 ( .3mm Needle / Nozzle )
1 x Mission Models Stubby Cooler
1 x Bomber Girl Storage Stool
1 x Airbrush Brush Cleaning Set
1 x Sparmax Spray Out Pot
1 x Sparmax Silver Bullet Moisture Filter
1x Sparmax Air valve + 2 meter Hose
$ 353.38
Iwata Eclipse Takumi
The Iwata Eclipse Takumi side feed has a redesigned, compact body style for improved control and balance. This, combined with a new gravity assisted side feed cup improves paint flow, making Takumi remarkably responsive.
Needle/Nozzel Size
Cup Size
two-piece 0.24 oz/7 ml cup
$ 282.43
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Mission Models Premium Hobby Paint

The Modern Acrylic Revolution is here. Water-Based, Environmentally Friendly, Accurate Colours, and above all easy to use. Mission Models Premium Hobby Paints are designed for a durable superior finish with no tip dry, and quick easy clean-up

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BittyDesign Stencils

Made with ultra thin material, these stencils are glue free and you can reuse them several times. Adapt for flat painting area, it comes as the pictures already die-cut ready for the use. For expert users.

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Wicked Colours

Multi-surface, water-based airbrush paint for any interior & exterior paint project. Made with lightfast pigments & a durable acrylic resin.

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Iwata Airbrushes

Iwata brand airbrushes represent spray excellence and abundant feature options for every taste. As a premium manufacturer, they design each airbrush with a specific spray-performance and spray-scale in mind. No matter what type of spray you need, they've got you covered. And to help you figure it out, we have sorted our airbrushes into 4 categories of spray excellence.

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Why should you switch to Mission Models Paints?

MMP Paint is a premium non-solvent organic pigment, water-based paint product. We do not use plastics or large grain pigments, and are designed for spraying in all airbrushes. Mission Models Paints are non-toxic, odorless and safe on all surfaces and materials. We recommend thinning with MMP Thinner for best results. In addition, add MMP Polyurethane Mix Additive to your thinned paint for improved durability, leveling and sanding qualities. Due to the nature of our MMP formula, tip dry is greatly reduced compared to other plastic-based hobby paints, and we recommend spraying between 15 and 20 psi, (with lower psi for fine lines). Spraying Mission Models Paints in thin coats gives the best results and will not hide the finest of details -- the thinner the coat, the better the results. With proper prep our paints can be used on all surfaces, and using our MMP Primer is recommended for best performance and adhesion. MMP paints can be sprayed over all other primers and paint finishes, and are also designed for superior blending and custom mixing. Once cured, our paint will accept all clear coats. Exceptional brush painting can be achieved straight from the bottle, or thin as required to suit your needs. Figure painters can add a drop of MMP Polyurethane Mix Additive to slow drying and blending times.